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Letters: Sour notes on Dr. Dre's musical gift

May 25, 2013

Re "Why USC, Dr. Dre?," Opinion, May 21

Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, Dillard University President Walter M. Kimbrough says that Andre Young (also known as Dr. Dre) should have considered donating the $35 million he gave USC to a historically black college such as his.

It's sad that Kimbrough would intimate that race should have played a factor here.

USC has a great history of developing the next generation of creative people in the arts, so it's natural to have music industry leaders challenge the university to develop the next line of producers, editors and artists. And while I'm sure that Dillard in New Orleans has a rich tradition of music and arts, this is Los Angeles, the media and entertainment capital of the country. USC is the perfect host for such a school.

The color of your skin or which group of young men tend to use Dr. Dre's Beats headphones shouldn't be the deciding factors in giving to higher education.

Victor Franco

Woodland Hills

A successful black man donates a ton of money to USC, the school in the community in which he lives and works. Great to hear, right?

Oh, no. Dr. Dre has failed to take into account his own skin color. Let that white guy, Jimmy Iovine, donate to that mostly white university (it's only 2% black, and most of them are jocks). Dr. Dre, as a black man, owes it to the black community to donate to a black college.

Come on, Dr. Dre, look in a mirror: You're black!

Carl Moore



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