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Letters: Courage in London

May 26, 2013

Re "Britain starts intelligence review after soldier killed," May 24

As an Eagle Scout, I am proud that the boys and young men of the scouting organization in Britain have courageous and levelheaded leaders like Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, the Cub Scout leader who calmly confronted the knife-wielding men in London. With all the controversy surrounding Scouting right now, it is inspiring to hear of the good deeds done by its leaders.

Loyau-Kennett may well have prevented the alleged London murderers from further violent acts in their "war" on British soldiers. The witnesses present must feel as inspired as I do knowing that she stood between them and knife-wielding lunatics in order to protect the children.

Hopefully society can recognize this attack for what it was — an isolated incident that does not represent the attitude of nearly all British Muslims — and be as calm under duress as Loyau-Kennett was in dealing with this horrible tragedy.

Sean Knighton



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