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Letters: The GOP's scandalous behavior

May 26, 2013

Re "The second-term scandal plague," Opinion, May 19

It's no secret that early in his first term, the Republican Party's leadership made defeating President Obama in 2012 its primary goal. This ambition has been extended and fueled by the current "scandal plague."

It's quite interesting that Doyle McManus acknowledges that the current fight over Benghazi still requires quotes for the word "scandal," and that it has metastasized into investigations of the IRS and of the seizure of Associated Press telephone records by the Justice Department.

What McManus leaves out is that even the president's second term is under siege by entrenched partisans, which is what Republicans wanted anyway. They hope to win control over both houses of Congress in 2014 and the White House in 2016.

Conservative Republicans are great at circling the wagons, with moderate Republicans long ago having ridden off into the sunset of bipartisanship. What is more concerning is the toxic political loads of those wagons.

Chuck Hackwith

San Clemente


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