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Letters: From a surplus to deficits

November 01, 2013

Re "The wrong medicine," Opinion, Oct. 28

Thank goodness for Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) simple and lucid spending summary of our "national credit card" statement and how we quickly erased the $236-billion annual surplus that Bill Clinton left us with after his second term in office.

Sanders is one of the very few whose agendas don't seem to include lining the pockets of the tax-avoiding corporations or of congressional teammates.

I truly hope Sanders' place on the special congressional committee to avoid another government shutdown leads to some good recommendations. As a jaded political cynic, though, I'm predisposed to believe that the short-term memories of Americans (shutdown? what shutdown?) continually breed legislators who have no motivation to remember what we choose to forget.

I certainly hope Sanders leads the charge to prove me wrong.

Larry Yarchever


The freeloaders who are milking this country to the bone want more, and Sanders appears ready to give it to them as long as it's not his money. What we need is the government looking out for the welfare of the country rather than passing policies that keep dragging us down.

I can assure Sanders that I am paying way more than just my "fair share." I wonder if he can say the same.

Dick Perlman

Beverly Hills

I applaud Sanders for his honesty.

His forthright approach and institutional memory are what we need in politics today. Too many people have selective memory. So many crises occur and affect our daily lives, letting the truth become easily distorted by politicians and the media.

Thanks to Sanders for keeping it real.

Judith Cathey

Rolling Hills Estates


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