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Flights at LAX 'back to normal' after deadly shooting

November 03, 2013|By Kate Linthicum

Flight schedules at Los Angeles International Airport were "back to normal" Sunday after a deadly shooting Friday caused mass delays and cancellations.

LAX spokesman Marshall Lowe said regular operations had resumed by Sunday morning. "There were no delays this morning and everything's back to normal," he said. 

The airport was shut down for hours on Friday after a gunman opened fire in Terminal 3, killing a Transportation Security Administration agent and wounding several others. Police identified the shooter as Paul Anthony Ciancia.

Ciancia, who was shot in the leg and head by LAX police, remained in the hospital in critical condition Sunday. On Saturday, he was charged with murder by federal prosecutors.

The shooting caused chaos at the airport and affected more than 1,500 flights and 167,000 passengers. Lowe said passengers delayed by the incident were being rescheduled on new flights.


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