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Samuel L. Jackson, John Cusack to star in Stephen King's 'Cell'

November 05, 2013|By Carolyn Kellogg
  • John Cusack, left, and Samuel L. Jackson, center, will star in an adaptation of Stephen King's "Cell."
John Cusack, left, and Samuel L. Jackson, center, will star in an adaptation… (Los Angeles Times; Jennifer…)

Stephen King has written many, many books, and many of them have been made into films. Some, like "Carrie," more than once. But there are still a few than remain unadapted, so far.

Now it's time to take "Cell" off that list. Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack have signed up to co-star in the adaptation of Stephen King's 2006 novel, the Wrap reports. King will write the screenplay with help from screenwriter Adam Alleca.

In "Cell," an artist is in Boston to sign a deal for a comic book when a pulse goes through all cellphones, causing those who were using them at the time to become zombies. Not being a cellphone user himself, he's immune, and he partners up with another survivor hoping to escape the zombie hordes and find sanctuary in Maine.

The book's original cover shows a clamshell phone open on the ground, screen cracked, lying in blood. Will the film update the story to include smartphones? Will people sending Tweets or Instagramming their lunch also become zombies?

Stay tuned. The movie, which will be directed by Tod "Kip" Williams, is scheduled to begin filming in January 2014.


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