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Letters: The voters are Baca's boss

November 05, 2013

Re "Policing L.A.'s sheriff," Opinion, Nov. 1

Law professor Laurie L. Levenson calls for a civilian oversight board in addition to the Board of Supervisors and an inspector general to serve as a check on the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. I am surprised she failed to mention that the sheriff is an elected official and the chief uniformed law enforcement officer in the county. He serves at the pleasure of the voters and no one else.

Unlike Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, the sheriff is not hired, fired or evaluated by a mayor, city council or police commission. I'm sure the sheriff would accept the recommendations made by the body Levenson proposed, but he is under no obligation to do so.

Civilian oversight boards have a checkered history and sometimes become a stage for people with their own agendas.

David R. Gillespie



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