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People report meteors, bright light or flashes in the sky

November 06, 2013|By Robert J. Lopez

People from Fresno to San Diego used Twitter Wednesday night to say they saw what resembled a meteor shower, bright lights or a fireball in the sky.

A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration in Los Angeles said the agency had not received any reports about meteor showers or other similar phenomena. The Griffith Observatory said the only calls it had received were from reporters.

Mary Slosson said she was driving eastbound on the 10 Freeway when she saw a "flare-up" that "looked like something burring up upon entry into the atmosphere" over the Culver City area. 

The flash of light caused drivers to hit their brakes and swerve to catch a glimpse, Slosson said.

Another person in Hollywood said he saw what appeared to be a "pretty substantial fireball in the sky."

In northern San Diego County, a woman said she saw the "sky light up super bright." 

And in Fresno, a woman said she "saw something that looked like a huge shooting star falling."


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