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'Big Bang Theory' bigwig Chuck Lorre slams 405 workers as goof-offs

November 08, 2013|By Scott Collins | This post has been corrected. See note below
  • "Big Bang Theory" executive producer Chuck Lorre is feeling road rage for Caltrans workers on the 405 Freeway construction project.
"Big Bang Theory" executive producer Chuck Lorre is feeling… (Francis Specker )

Chuck Lorre of "The Big Bang Theory" and "Two and a Half Men" must be a demanding boss, if his sarcastic comments directed at Los Angeles workers on the 405 Freeway construction project are any indication.

Lorre's "vanity cards" filled with random musings at the end of his shows have become an industry legend -- past examples were even collected into a book -- and on Thursday night's episode of "Big Bang," he outdid himself again, heaving gallons of bile toward the yellow-vested laborers on the long-lasting freeway rehab.

"How's it going?," Lorre began with a card addressed to "Guys Working on the 405 Freeway." "I only ask because you started work over five years ago to add more lanes and, well... there aren't any."

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From there, Lorre fully indulged his road rage.

"I've also noticed that on most days you're not actually doing anything," he wrote. "Is it possible you've grown bored with the project? I certainly would understand that. I've got more than a few half-finished scripts sitting in my desk. Of course, when I blow off my job millions of commuters aren't, how shall we say... fornicated."

Lorre added that he's often stuck in jams when nature calls. "How about we work out a system where I, and other urinary-challenged drivers, get to pull over and share your port-a-potties? Maybe we can repay your hospitality by bringing you fresh magazines to read while you're in there working," he wrote. 

Ay yi yi.

Lorre, best-known to average viewers for being the subject of insults from his former "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen, is presumably steamed about the $1-billion Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project, which is already overbudget and months behind schedule. And it may be many more months before the producer and other commuters find relief: The project is scheduled to last until at least September 2014.

Has Lorre considered moving to Toluca Lake? That would be a lot closer to the Warner Bros. lot where his shows are produced. We're pretty sure he can afford a crash pad there.

Showtracker asked Caltrans for a comment on Lorre's rant, but has yet to hear back from a spokeswoman.

What do you think of Lorre and his war on the freeway guys?

[Corrected at 4:44 p.m. Nov. 8: A reference to Lorre's show "Mom," which airs on Monday nights, has been deleted.]


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