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40 assault rifles, explosives seized from suspected arms dealer

November 08, 2013|By Ari Bloomekatz

Authorities detailed a large cache of guns, explosives and other weapons found Thursday night at the Riverside County home of an alleged arms dealer.

Acting on a tip they received over the summer, state agents served a search warrant at the Eastvale home of Victor Christian Robles in the 6400 block of Pimlico Place, according to the state attorney general's office.

Authorities said they confiscated: 36.4 grams of C-4 explosive, eight M228 grenade fuses, one igniter time-blasting fuse, one machine gun, one Uzi, one short-barrel shotgun, two Browning M-1919 .30-caliber, one AT4 rocket launcher tube, 40 assault rifles, 68 rifles and 101 handguns.

Robles, who allegedly was dealing assault weapons, was booked on possession of explosives, possesion of a destructive device, sale of assault weapon, sale of large-capacity magazines, possession of a machine gun and possesion of assault weapon, among others.


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