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Letters: A liar as a lawyer?

November 10, 2013
  • Former journalist Stephen Glass, shown speaking at the Skirball Cultural Center in 2007, faced skepticism from California Supreme Court justices Wednesday about whether he should be able to practice law. In the 1990s, he was found to have fabricated dozens of articles for national magazines.
Former journalist Stephen Glass, shown speaking at the Skirball Cultural… (Michael Schwartz / WireImage )

Re "Justices suggest disgraced writer unfit to be lawyer," Nov. 7

Ever since I was admitted to the state bar and started practicing in 1979, I have had to put up with a lot of lawyer jokes and animosity. Let's face it: Our reputation is somewhere between tow-truck drivers and used-car salesmen. I have always held myself to the highest moral and legal principles, and have been shocked by some of the unethical and dishonest conduct of opposing counsel.

I don't know Stephen Glass, so I feel it would be inappropriate to comment on his rehabilitation from his earlier prevaricative ways. However, based on what I read in your articles, I would grant Glass the right to practice law provided that for the first five years, he has a seasoned lawyer looking over his shoulder.

If Glass can demonstrate over that period that he can honestly practice law and is otherwise competent (which he proved by passing the California bar exam, one of the toughest in the nation), I believe he should be permitted to practice law.

Allen P. Wilkinson

Laguna Woods

I read with great amusement that the California Supreme Court seems bent on denying Glass the right to practice law because of several fabrications he made years ago as a journalist.

If Glass is now in fact honest and ethical, he should be welcomed into a profession sorely in need of these traits. And if he has not been rehabilitated and is still afflicted with a penchant for lies and half-truths, he should still be admitted to the bar, since he certainly is no more unfit than many other lawyers.

Robert Ouriel

Pacific Palisades


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