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Woman with Bell's palsy dresses up as a not-impressed McKayla Maroney

November 13, 2013|By Laura E. Davis
  • College student Leslie Barrett dresses as U.S. gymnast McKayla Maroney making her famous "not-impressed" face for Halloween.
College student Leslie Barrett dresses as U.S. gymnast McKayla Maroney… (Leslie Barrett )

College student Leslie Barrett was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy in August, but she didn't let the disease that's temporarily paralyzing her face ruin her Halloween.

In fact, she used the holiday as a chance to help herself cope.

A year after McKayla Maroney stood on the podium at the London Olympics with her now-famous "not impressed" look, Barrett decided to dress as the U.S. gymnast for Halloween. Maroney’s facial expression, which she displayed after falling during the vault competition and winning the silver instead of the gold, garnered instant fame after a Tumblr was created in its honor. Even President Obama got in on the joke.

After Halloween, Barrett posted a photo of herself alongside Maroney to Maroney’s Facebook page, saying someone had pointed out that her face looked like Maroney’s unimpressed expression. That’s what gave her the costume idea.

"It was the first time in months I got to look like I was intentionally making a face and it has helped me deal with the slow recovery a little better," she wrote.

Good to hear, Leslie. We're impressed.

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