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Letters: Armenian genocide -- and a rug

November 15, 2013

Re "Open feud over hidden rug," Nov. 13

The old saying about "sweeping things under the rug" gets fresh meaning in this latest Washington nonsense, in which the Obama administration is refusing the Smithsonian the right to display a stunning carpet hand woven by orphans of the Armenian genocide and presented to President Calvin Coolidge in 1925.

The rug is exquisite, and it is in storage. Isn't this carpet worthy to be seen, and isn't this story worthy to be heard? Don't Americans have the right to see the result of one of their numerous humanitarian efforts?

As for Turkey potentially being offended, anyone who has ever traveled to that country knows how important it is to visit a local Turkish rug merchant. The Turkish government and people should not view this as an act of hostility but just one narrative in the long history of that region.

Lucy Barajikian

North Hollywood

While the Armenian genocide is not to be minimized or "swept under the rug," why is it that every year the demands for recognition of this incident, nearly 100 years in the past, become a thorny issue with possible diplomatic repercussions for the United States?

Though we all strive to be citizens of the world, it should be recognized that what may be right for the country as a whole may not be for a group in this country. America needs to prioritize what is in its own best interests diplomatically rather than cede to the demands of one segment of our population at the potential expense of everyone.

Diane McDowell

Los Angeles

The shame of not recognizing the Armenian genocide continues. If my mother were alive today, she could tell you eyewitness stories.

Warren Mullisen

Culver City


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