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A new, techie way to avoid street-sweeping tickets in L.A.

November 21, 2013|By Kerry Cavanaugh
  • A car with a street-sweeping parking ticket; soon, technology may solve this problem.
A car with a street-sweeping parking ticket; soon, technology may solve… (Los Angeles Times )

Listen up, street-sweeping ticket haters.

In another push for transparency and better use of technology in the city of Los Angeles, the Department of Transportation has begun posting each day where parking enforcement will be relaxed because the street sweepers aren't coming.

This could be helpful. If you’ve got the foresight to check the site in the morning, you may discover that the street sweeper is skipping your route and you don't need to move your car to avoid a $73 ticket. The information could also help you fight a street-sweeping ticket issued in error.

The site isn’t the most user-friendly yet. You’ve got to figure out your street-sweeping route and then check back daily. But it’s a good start, and a welcome bit of information for people who don’t have a parking space and have to deal with the risk of getting a ticket on street-sweeping day.

All we need is a civic-minded app developer or computer programmer who can take that data and create a system in which people can sign up for text or email alerts when their street-sweeping day is canceled.

Now, that could make life a lot nicer in L.A. 


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