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Letters: Taking Texas to task on abortion

November 22, 2013

Re "Justices back Texas abortion law," Nov. 20

My fondest dream as a teenager was that my 18th birthday be my last day in Texas.

It was, and this latest U.S. Supreme Court decision on the state's restrictive abortion law is just another reason for more Texas women to run to a blue state and not look back. Men who measure their hat size in gallons have firm control over Texas politics.

Sadly, Texas politicians consider abortion a religious matter and not one of civil rights. This decision makes it harder for women to have a say in procreation, and in Texas that's fine by the male politicians.

I know that facts aren't popular, but there's evidence showing that easy access to abortion lowers crime rates, slows the ravages of poverty and makes it easier on the poor to raise families. But in Texas, facts need not be considered; that's why my whole ex-Republican family came to California.

Marla Burke

Greenbrae, Calif.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is dead wrong in saying, "This is good news both for the unborn and for the women of Texas, who are now better protected from shoddy abortion providers operating in dangerous conditions."

This Supreme Court decision will embolden the shoddy abortion providers to whom desperate women will turn.

Jean Koch

Los Angeles


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