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Share that GIF? Now you can print it out

November 25, 2013|By Daniel Rothberg
  • With a Kickstarter campaign that quickly met its funding goal, designers Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang are close to printing animated GIFs.
With a Kickstarter campaign that quickly met its funding goal, designers… ( )

You know that dog GIF you've always wanted to stick on your fridge or, better yet, frame for your office desk? Well, there's good news. It might just be possible.

With a Kickstarter campaign that met its funding goal on day one, designers Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang are nearly ready to start printing GIFs, Bloomberg Businessweek reported. That's right, "printing" GIFs (otherwise known as the nonstop moving images that offer everything from a concise opinion to content for a press release).

The project, Gifpop!, will use lenticular film to turn digital GIFs into something tangible. As complicated as that sounds, lenticular printing, which has existed since the 1940s, is actually fairly familiar. It's what renders the rigid plastic pictures on postcards or advertisements that, if tilted or seen from a different angle, give the appearance of movement.

Binx told Bloomberg Businessweek that the technology is "relatively old and relatively straightforward." The news outlet has an in-depth explanation of the lenticular printing process. But, she said, "the magic for us" is getting to see GIFs in the real world.

Once printed, the handheld GIF will appear as a card. Back in October, Binx and Hwang told the Atlantic that their inspiration came from talking about playing the game Cards Against Humanity with GIFs.

“Like, one card would say, 'My face when I see my ex with her new boyfriend,'" then players would lay down reaction GIF cards.

Gifpop! will also sell the work of GIF artists, including Mr Div, 89-A and Davidope.

The cards will range from $10 to $18, Bloomberg Busnessweek reports. There's also an option for a six-month collection at a price of about $12 per month.


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