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Morrissey does not wish you a happy Thanksgiving

November 28, 2013|By Todd Martens
  • Morrissey -- known for his dramatic performances onstage, including at Staples Center in Los Angeles on March 1, 2013 -- has long been an outspoken artist, and now he's apparently taken President Obama to task for pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey.
Morrissey -- known for his dramatic performances onstage, including at… (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles…)

Happy ... Thankskilling?

That's the message at the heart of an online post attributed to Morrissey, one of rock 'n' roll's most celebrated Grinches. The longtime animal-rights activist and former Smiths singer who, of course, famously declared that meat is murder, has apparently no interest in our dead turkey-obsessed holiday. 

The British singer lashed out at President Obama in a post that bears his authorship on the online fanzine dedicated to all things Morrissey, True to You. The Obama slam is in reference to the relatively recent American tradition of pardoning a turkey.  

"Please ignore the abysmal example set by President Obama who, in the name of Thanksgiving, supports torture as 45 million birds are horrifically abused; dragged through electrified stun baths, and then have their throats slit," reads the post. 

The post goes on to quote animal rights group PETA and argues that the meat industry has some non-environmentally friendly practices. Morrissey fans know well that the artist has been outspoken in support of a non-meat-eating lifestyle. When the artist appeared at Staples Center earlier this year, for instance, the venue expanded its vegetarian and vegan options. 

Yet in more music-related Morrissey news, the artist will on Dec. 2 release a digital download of a cover of Lou Reed's "Satellite of Love." Morrissey recorded the Reed track live in Las Vegas on Nov. 25, 2011. 

Morrissey's tribute to the late Reed will receive a physical release on Jan. 28 in 7-inch and 12-inch vinyl formats. Each will include "You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side," the lead-off track on Morrissey's 1992 album "Your Arsenal," and a mix of different live songs.

The four-track 12-inch will also include live takes on "Vicar in a Tutu" and "All You Need Is Me." The three-track 7-inch will highlight a cover of the Buzzcocks' "You Say You Don't Love Me," originally recorded in 2008. Finally, an expanded three-song digital download collection will feature "Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed."


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