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Letters: Our little VW bus

November 28, 2013

Re "A VW goodwill tour across Latin America," Column One, Nov. 26

When writer Vincent Bevins describes "a generation of hippies, travelers, surfers, scrimpers and lovers" who famously loved their Volkswagen vans in the 1960s and '70s, he left out the nerdy academic demographic.

Our 1967 VW bus crossed the U.S. countless times and was with us on board the ship each time we crossed the Atlantic. Ours had no radio, air conditioning or seat belts in the back, but it could carry a year's worth of luggage for our family of five and — most important — a full-sized footlocker filled with my English-professor father's research and manuscripts.

It was indeed a part of the family.

Jane Pinney Faulkner

Santa Barbara


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