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Letters: A dad's choice to walk away

October 01, 2013

Re "Wrenching choices for all," Column, Sept. 28

I agree with Sandy Banks that the adults involved in the custody case of Baby Veronica need to put aside the acrimony and do what is best for the child. However, I do not share Banks' sympathy for the father, Dusten Brown, or other dads who at first walk away and refuse to pay child support.

It was Brown who declared himself a "sperm donor" when he chose to relinquish his parental rights so he wouldn't be saddled with child support. The courts do not "dishonor" the child; fathers do when they refuse to fulfill their responsibilities when they have taken part in creating a life.

This sad situation — in which Brown's birth daughter was returned to her adoptive parents after a long dispute — could have been avoided if Brown had taken responsibility when his partner first told him she was pregnant.

Linda Linville



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