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Watch John Daly hit a golf ball perched on a tee in a fan's mouth

October 01, 2013|By Houston Mitchell

This is something you don't see two-time major winners do very often.

John Daly was at a Nashville pizza parlor over the weekend when,  apparently on a dare, he hit a golf ball that was on top of a tee held in a fan's mouth.

Now, I'm thinking that given Daly's history of drinking, letting him swing a driver at full speed toward my head is not the best course of action, but Daly was successful and it appears everyone enjoyed themselves.

But what happened to the golf ball? Did it go hurtling through some storefront window? Hit some random passerby? Is it sill bouncing down some road in Tennessee?

Remember, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye, then they'll sue us and we'll lose the house.


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