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Five reasons to love Britney Spears' hot new video

October 02, 2013|By Gerrick D. Kennedy

Before the turn of the millennium Britney Spears emerged as a sultry schoolgirl with pigtails and coquettish flair with her debut video, "… Baby One More Time." A teen pop queen was born.

Fifteen years -- and plenty of reinventions -- have passed since, then but Spears’ latest visual offering shows the pop diva still hasn’t forgotten how to make a statement.

Late Tuesday Spears debuted the clip for her cheekily titled single, "Work Bitch." The dance track is the first taste of her upcoming eighth album, set to arrive Dec. 3.

The accompanying clip has more than enough to satiate fans waiting for Spears' hyped Las Vegas residency (which gets an obvious plug in the video). There’s sexy dancebreaks, S&M and countless GIF-able poses of her serving a heavy dose of diva. 

Here’s five things we loved about Spears’ latest video:

1. Britney, queen of the desert. Its impossible to think of a pop diva vamping in the desert without conjuring images of Tina Turner’s post-apocalyptic warrior get-up in “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.” Spears’ romp in the sand is equally strong. The singer is flanked by an army of female dancers and, per the song’s lyrics, a Lamborghini. We still haven't figured out the point of blowing up those mannequins in the desert, but whatever. 

2. Fierce dancing (no twerking necessary). Spears’ toughest criticisms in the second act of her career (post her well-documented breakdown) have been her ability to match the ferocious dance moves that defined her as a pop superstar. “Work Bitch” dares those naysayers to come for her. The clip relies heavily on expertly choreographed dance sequences -- each one focusing more on showcasing Spears leading the action, as opposed to the supporting player she’s played in later career offerings.

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3. Fifty Shades of Britney. There’s a sweeping, BDSM-friendly theme of sexual dominance in the clip. When she’s not dominating one of her dancers one-on-one, she’s leading a set of crawling submissives on chains, she’s whipping them, or they are preening next to her while clad in leather leotards, black knee-high boots and sparkly masks. And just when it couldn’t get any hotter ... (see No. 4).

4. Britney looks smoking hot. Like, seriously. Smoking. Hot. Whether she's donning a whip, cooing in a British accent, flipping her hair, or posing seductively as she's surrounded by CGI sharks, she's back to looking like her old self. And yes, there are CGI sharks for some odd reason.

5. Brilliant product placement. And the award for the most innovative — and naughtiest — placement goes to Beats Electronics. The Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine-founded audio line has already been hawked by Justin Bieber, Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Eminem and Lil Wayne. Add Spears to the list. But she got ultra-creative with the way she cashed in on the placement of the Beats Pill. The portable speaker makes an appearance in a saucy S&M sequence as a ball gag for one of her minions.

Watch Brit go to work below: 


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