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Letters: Preservation in Beverly Hills

October 02, 2013

Re "History lost in Beverly Hills," Sept. 28

The pros and cons of forcing property owners in Beverly Hills to use their homes as outdoor museum exhibits by enacting more stringent historical preservation laws made the front page Sunday.

The L.A. area has numerous museums for art, history, science, cars and even old houses, all of which are supported by taxpayers or private groups. If the city of Beverly Hills or preservationist groups want to buy houses to use as museums, that is their choice.

If, however, they don't want to spend their money that way, they shouldn't pass laws forcing unlucky property owners to create outdoor museum exhibits for tour buses.

People who are alive today should be allowed to build a house in Beverly Hills that will function for them, where they can raise their family and create their own history. Buildings are just material things; people are what is important.

Sharon Gehl

San Diego

The good news is that the ugly boxes that are replacing these beautiful historical homes will see the wrecking ball a lot sooner than the 85 years it took to demolish Ira Gershwin's Beverly Hills house.

Manny Rodriguez

West Hollywood


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