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Alfonso Cuaron discusses 'Gravity' ahead of the film's Friday release

October 03, 2013|By Nicole Sperling

Alfonso Cuaron, the director of the upcoming space adventure "Gravity," spent 4 1/2 years making a movie that he called one "big miscalculation."

Written with his son Jonas, "Gravity" tracks the journey of two astronauts lost in space and their attempt to get back home.

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We sat down with Cuaron at the beginning of his publicity journey before the film began screening at festivals to understand more about the project to which the man behind such movies as "Children of Men" and "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" had dedicated so many years of his life.

While the film is a 90-minute thrill ride, its main character, played by Sandra Bullock, is on a whirlwind emotional journey too. Cuaron talks about what motivated him and his son to tell such a story, the technical challenges his "little space movie" posed, and the physical demands he put on his main characters. 


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