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Paint your own mural, with a little inspiration from Sol LeWitt

October 03, 2013|By Lisa Boone
  • Clockwise, from left: The Sol LeWitt estate provided a diagram of how the artwork should be executed. Homeowner Jack Latner then hired artist Kat Poteet to execute the design in Latner's remodeled kitchen. A detail photo shows the angular lines crossing cabinet doors.
Clockwise, from left: The Sol LeWitt estate provided a diagram of how the… (Ricardo DeAratanha / Los…)

When art critic Ken Johnson recently described Sol LeWitt's line drawings as something "anyone who has the instructions and access to wall space could reproduce," he could have been describing a recent LeWitt project in a Hollywood Hills kitchen.  

Jack Latner's kitchen, part of our feature on the house last week, had a dynamic black and white LeWitt design that demonstrates how far a ruler, painter's tape and black paint can go toward transforming an all-white space.

The vague installation guidelines from the LeWitt estate provided only the dimensions of each line. Latner hired local artist Kat Poteet, who has painted wall murals.

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Poteet sketched the lines on the wall with pencil following a diagram, marked them firmly with painter's tape and then painted the lines with a black matte interior paint. After waiting hours for the paint to dry, the tape was removed. Some lines needed to be adjusted because of the room's angles. With a tiny brush, Poteet touched up any sections where paint bled around the tape.

Architect Aaron Neubert, who renovated the home, said he was apprehensive about the LeWitt mural until he saw it completed.

"I find that it actually reinforces our intention behind the long opaque site wall as a buffer to the adjacent street," Neubert said. "I was also surprised by the presence the installation had from the patio at night, actually working to conflate the exterior spaces and the interior spaces even more."

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