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Planning a cruise? You'll want some protection

October 04, 2013|By David Lazarus

Maridean's daughter and son-in-law were booked on a Caribbean cruise. Things didn't work out so well.

The couple was at San Francisco International Airport in June, awaiting their flight to the Caribbean, when Asiana Flight 214 crashed on the runway. Flights into and out of the airport were immediately canceled.

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As a result of circumstances beyond their control, they missed their cruise but had to swallow the cost. Maridean asks: Would travel insurance have protected them in this situation?

The answer is: Probably.

Most travel insurance policies cover missed flights that result in missing a cruise ship's departure from port.

In fact, I hear so many horror stories about cruise mishaps, it's a wonder everyone doesn't plunk down the extra cash for a little coverage. Any vacation this pricey merits a little extra protection.

But make sure you read the fine print. Most policies include things that won't be covered, such as problems related to preexisting medical conditions.

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