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Lady Gaga to host 'Artpop' release at Berlin's Berghain nightclub

October 04, 2013|By August Brown
  • Lady Gaga is has a reservation at Berlin's Berghain nightclub, where she will host an "Artpop" release party. She is seen here in her appearance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.
Lady Gaga is has a reservation at Berlin's Berghain nightclub, where… (Rick Diamond / Getty Images )

It's no surprise that Lady Gaga would take a shine to Berlin's storied Berghain nightclub. The place combines pretty much of all of her interests - dark dance music, public sexuality, elaborate fashion and a veneer of inscrutability. It's widely regarded as the best electronic music club on the planet, full stop. 

So in the same way that Jay-Z pals around with Marina Abramovic for art-world cred, Gaga will dip back into danceland when she hosts a release party for her forthcoming "Artpop" album there on Oct. 24, according to Spin.

In an event hosted by the German streaming service AMPYA, Gaga will take a few dozen hand-picked fans behind the velvet rope (or, rather, behind the imposing glare of Sven). To win entry, they'll submit their most burning Gaga-centric questions in advance, and Gaga will take the ones that most entertain her. 

It's not her first time inside the club -- German papers were thrilled in 2011 when, after a show of her "Monster's Ball" tour, she reportedly writhed in the pitch-black rooms implicitly devoted to public sex. 

Those rooms, alas, will be off-limits to this crowd -- Gaga's show will be held in an adjacent event space inside the Berghain complex, a former power plant. So if your really want to see Gaga truly wild out, you'll have to stick to her videos and VMA performances for now. 


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