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Junk faxes: Putting a halt to a pesky problem

October 09, 2013|By David Lazarus

It may not be as big a problem as email spam, but it's still a hassle: Junk faxes.

Jeff says he's been getting a bunch of junk faxes and it's driving him crazy. What can he do?

One thing would be to contact the sender. By law, commercial faxes have to include an "unsubscribe" number to call.

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But I don't recommend this. As with email spam, any time you let a spammer know they've hit a live target, you're potentially opening up the floodgates.

Don't think the government's do-not-call list will help. It doesn't apply to faxes.

So what options are left? Not many. Your best bet may be to complain to the state attorney general. If enough people do so about a particular faxer, officials may be roused to take action.

Otherwise, even though junk faxes waste your paper and thus have an economic harm, your only move may to keep a trash can handy.

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