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Live chat: 'Escape' actor on guerrilla filming at Disney parks

October 10, 2013|By Julie Makinen

Join us at 11 a.m. PDT Thursday for a live chat about "Escape From Tomorrow," the independent movie filmed without Disney's authorization at the company's theme parks. Lead actor Roy Abramsohn will talk with Times film writer Mark Olsen about the movie, which is set to arrive in theaters and on video-on-demand on Friday.  

You can tweet us your questions using the hashtag #EscapeLAT. 

Reviewing the movie for The Times, Inkoo Kang described it as "a horror-laced fever dream in monochrome black and white." "First-time director Randy Moore achieves stunningly beautiful compositions made all the more impressive by the difficult circumstances of the shooting," she wrote.

REVIEW: 'Escape From Tomorrow' a fever dream in Disney's world

The surrealist, black-and-white movie centers on an alienated man (Abramsohn) taking a family vacation as he slowly begins to get caught up in a conspiracy -- or loses his mind.

Moore made the movie in an unorthodox way, using hidden cameras at Disney parks in Anaheim and Orlando. A number of the shots luxuriate in and sometimes undermine Disney imagery -- in one scene, Epcot Center blows up -- but Moore shot it entirely without Disney's permission, choosing to use a skeletal crew and often communicating with his cast from a phone across the park so as not to attract attention.

After the movie played at the Sundance Film Festival in January, many questioned whether the film would ever be seen in ordinary theaters, as fears were raised that the Walt Disney Co. might try to block it.

But the studio has stayed mum on the matter, and PDA, the distribution offshoot of the sales and management company Cinetic Media, is releasing the film. 


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