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Modernica puts 1950s George Nelson Net lamp back in the spotlight

October 10, 2013|By Craig Nakano
  • Modernica is putting the 1959 Net pendant back into production. The shade is tight white netting pulled over metal rings and sprayed with plastic into a hard shell.
Modernica is putting the 1959 Net pendant back into production. The shade… (Modernica )

Modernica, maker of those beloved George Nelson Bubble lamps, announced that it is bringing back the Bubble's cousin, the Net.

In 1959, the Net Light rolled out to not exactly a fervor. Fewer than 1,000 of the lights were produced before the design slipped into midcentury obscurity. Helping the design's chances for a comeback this time around is a ready market of Nelson devotees and midcentury design fans looking for something a bit different from the now-ubiquitous Bubble.

Whereas the Bubble lamps take their shape from metal skeletons, the Net silhouette emerges when fine netting is stretched over a series of metal rings. A Modernica spokeswoman said both lamps get the same plastic coating, so even though the Net has a different texture, its finished shade is a hard shell, just like the Bubble.

A page from a vintage catalog shows how the Net was designed to be configured with different rings in different ways, but Modernica is selling just one model to start: a 38-inch-tall pendant regularly priced at $525, shipping included. Any future variations in size and shape will depend on customer feedback, the spokeswoman said.

In a bit of nice timing, Los Angeles-based Modernica launches its semi-annual sale Thursday. All products, including the Net light, are 15% off, shaving nearly 80 bucks off the price above.

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