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Letters: Star power gave us Gov. Schwarzenegger

October 10, 2013

Re "The recall revolution that wasn't," Opinion, Oct. 7

Among Peter Schrag's many good points was this one: "The major changes of the last decade have been in the state's election system. Redistricting is now in the hands of an independent commission, not the Legislature."

That statement doesn't apply to all elections.

The redrawing of county supervisorial district lines has remained with the boards of supervisors. The state, not the redistricting commissions, possesses the authority to extend reform down to the local level.

However, it has not chosen to guard that hen house.

Bruce Daniels

Running Springs

It's common for voters to be dissatisfied with the performance of those in office. However, voting in favor of a recall to replace an incumbent is affirming that somebody else — anybody else, really — can do better.

I watched the debates on TV in 2003. Nobody was persuasive, least of all eventual Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. He relied on his immense popularity as a movie star.

I believe that Gray Davis would not have been recalled if a celebrity had stayed out of the ring. Californians ran to the polls to vote for someone they liked, which required that they remove the incumbent.

Ken Hense

Marina del Rey


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