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Dodgers' A.J. Ellis knows how to put on a show, just ask Don Mattingly

October 10, 2013|By Steve Dilbeck

Someday we’ll all be watching the "A.J. Ellis Show."

As a preview of his future TV career, check out his interview with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on MLB Network’s "Intentional Talk."

At one point they ask Ellis to do a play by play of Juan Uribe’s go-ahead home run Monday, which he did, followed by asking why Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly would first ask Uribe to bunt.

“You never bunt in baseball anymore,” Ellis said. “That’s what all the sabermetrics people tell me. Stop bunting. No more bunts. Only pitchers bunt. Listen to me, Don Mattingly -- no more bunting.”

The interview then weaved all over the baseball world, but toward the end of the 12-minute interview Mattingly emerges from the clubhouse, walks up to Ellis, says something and then turns and goes back into the clubhouse.

“He didn’t like the no-bunting comment,” Ellis said. “He said Tim Federowicz was catching the first game.”

Ellis also talked of how right-hander Zack Greinke is trade happy in their fantasy football league. To the point that even after the Dodgers clinched the division series Monday, Greinke’s focus was elsewhere.

“We come up with this big win, and of course, all he wants to talk about postgame is how he won his first fantasy football game,” Ellis said. “He’s 1-4. He says he’s like the Dodgers, he gets off to a slow start and then comes on strong and makes the playoffs.

“I told him they were about to fire their GM just like we had trouble with our manager and almost let him go, but they’re going to stick with you.

“He’s much more excited about his fantasy football than anything he has coming up in the future.”

You know, like starting the opener of the National League Championship Series on Friday in St. Louis.

Also Ellis does half the show with his nipples taped. You have to watch.

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