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Tweets disappear from users' Twitter feeds, confusion ensues

October 11, 2013|By Salvador Rodriguez | This post has been updated. See the note below for details.
  • Many users were confused when their Twitter timelines disappeared.
Many users were confused when their Twitter timelines disappeared. (Salvador Rodriguez / Los…)

There was a brief moment of confusion on Twitter on Friday afternoon, as what appears to be a widespread glitch wiped out users' timelines, making it impossible for them to see any tweets.

The problem didn't last long, and Twitter was back to normal in no time. And of course, users quickly tweeted about the situation.

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Here are a few funny tweets from confused users.

— amanda (@mullingwasted) October 11, 2013

I've asked Twitter what caused the momentary tweet disappearance.

[Update 3:06 p.m. PDT Oct. 11: Twitter said the glitch lasted for about five minutes. The company said the source of the problem was a "code-related error" that was quickly rolled back. Twitter apologized.]


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