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New study finds smoking even more deadly than thought

October 11, 2013|By Julie Cart

It didn’t seem possible for there to be any more bad news about the health effects of smoking.

There is.

An Australian study suggests that smoking is even more dangerous than previously thought, with cigarettes linked to the cause of death of more than 60% of smokers and shortening the life of an average smoker by 10 years.

The previous estimate for cigarettes causing the deaths of smokers was 50%

The study required a four-year analysis of the health records of more than 200,000 Australians. The Sax Institute's report suggests that even those who are moderate smokers are jeopardizing their health.

Finding that there is no such thing as a safe level of smoking, the study found that the risk of death is doubled among those who smoke an average of 10 cigarettes a day.

 The more a person smokes, the greater the health risks, the report concluded.


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