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Letters: More abortions won't help women

October 12, 2013

Re "Law aims to boost access to abortions," Oct. 10

If there is such a big demand for abortions in California, then maybe training non-doctors such as nurse practitioners to perform first-trimester procedures might not be the adequate response. Perhaps instead we should be training people to show others how to use condoms and be responsible.

I am a progressive who believes that abortion should be safe, rare and legal. But I utterly reject the notion that abortion should be viewed as a method of family planning. And AB 154, the legislation that the governor signed that will allow certain non-physicians to perform first-trimester abortions, perpetuates that idea.

Women need help, not just more abortion providers. They also need assistance with child care and flexible employers who are sensitive to their needs as mothers.

Chamba Sanchez

Silver Lake


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