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Letters: Re-open Angels Flight

October 15, 2013

Re "A bumpy ride," Oct. 12

The Angels Flight funicular in downtown L.A. is a treasure that should be fixed and reopened as soon as possible.

People aren't perfect and neither are the mechanical systems or structures we create. Those who can't live with the risk of rare (and nearly entirely nonfatal) breakdowns should not board airplanes, trains, buses, aerial trams or ski lifts either.

Mechanical problems can be fixed. And human error can be mitigated through improved procedures, training, inspections and close supervision.

The media and politicians have milked peoples' fears and given them the impression that they should expect perfect security and safety. It's probably one reason so many people are opting to live life virtually on their various screens. My feeling is to let them do so, if they can't tolerate any risk.

But that shortsighted view should not prevent the rest of us from accepting a reasonable degree of risk to have a variety of exciting experiences.

Bob Stone

Los Angeles


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