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Letters: In defense of Ayn Rand

October 17, 2013

Re Editorial cartoon by David Horsey, Opinion, Oct. 15

David Horsey's implication that Ayn Rand's philosophy and work were oppressive to the poor continues the glib and reflexive tradition of disparaging Rand while remaining ignorant of her ideas.

In fact, Rand's life and work were dedicated to eradicating poverty of every kind. She fought for freedom, opportunity and the creation of wealth that was not hindered by race, social class, religion, gender or government manipulation.

Instead of lampooning Rand, one should ask whether the goal of activists and politicians who pander to the poor is to help the poor or to keep them under the yoke of their charitable programs. Rand asked — and answered.

Michael Napoliello

Manhattan Beach

Paul Conrad, the late Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist for The Times, would no doubt have applauded Horsey's cartoon about Jesus visiting a tea party caucus and saying, "You all voted to cut food stamps for the poor? I thought you believed in me not in Ayn Rand!"

Well done!

Daleen Larkin



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