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Shave the date: 'Movember' charity mustache grow starts Nov. 1

October 18, 2013|By Adam Tschorn
  • In a file photo from last Movember, former Angels pitcher Jim Stowell plays in the Newport–Mesa Movember Team Nuke poker fundraiser at the Newport Rib Co.
In a file photo from last Movember, former Angels pitcher Jim Stowell plays… (Don Leach )

National No Beard Day seems as good a time as any to remind the follicularly inclined that the month of November -- a.k.a. Movember -- is almost upon us.

What's Movember? We're glad you asked. It's an annual charity mustache grow (in Australia, where the effort began a decade ago, that glorious growth of lip spinach is colloquially referred to as a "mo") in which men start the month completely cleanshaven and spend the next 30 days growing a 'stache (and just a 'stache) from scratch.

The charitable aspect comes from the friends, family and co-workers each facial hair farmer has recruited to donate to the Movember Foundation on behalf of their fledgling soup strainer. The proceeds are then funneled to various organizations that focus on men's health issues.

According to numbers released by the organization, in 2012 more than 209,000 got growing and raised some $21 million to combat prostate and testicular cancer -- in the U.S. alone. (Over the last decade, the international effort has seen 3 million participants raise some $446 million.)

As it enters its 10th year, the man-focused fundraiser has added a couple of new programs including MOVE, a get up and get moving initiative and a global listing of Movember-affiliated barbershops called Mo Rated Barbers.

As in past years, those wishing to shop their support for the cause can do so by purchasing a wide range of Movember merchandise that includes hats, shoes, jeans, Dopp kits and wristwatches -- with 100% percent of proceeds going to the Movember Foundation. 

So guys, get ready to get out there and get growing! 


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