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Letters: Helping those who need it most

October 20, 2013

Re “Boosting young men of color,” Opinion, Oct. 17

Author Robert Ross eloquently articulates an issue that Angelenos have blatantly ignored for too long.

The life challenges of our young men of color are distressing on many levels, and they continue to cry for help and hope.

The $50-million investment from the California Endowment is a generous investment, but solving this problem will require everyone to play an active role in investing in our young men.

Tyrone Howard
Los Angeles
The writer is the director of the UCLA Black Male Institute.

Ross' article disappoints. It's not just about males. Women of color need fine educations too, whether or not they have children. As mothers, they need critical thinking capabilities to help their children through school

as well as in growing into responsible adults.

What boys and young men need is a fine education to learn that violence is not the answer and that being able to think critically is essential to successful and responsible adulthood.

Yes, there is racism,

but it is inextricably tied to the sexism and bigotry that is America's ongoing shame.

Julie-Beth Adele
Long Beach

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