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What to do if stains turn up on your stainless steel fridge

October 21, 2013|By David Lazarus

Stainless steel is supposed to be, well, stainless, isn't it? That was John's question after he noticed rust stains on the refrigerator he'd purchased from Sears.

John also had purchased an extended warranty, so he contacted Sears and explained the problem.

Sears' response: Your warranty doesn't cover cosmetic problems, only technical ones, so those stains on your stainless steel are your problem.

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John could take the matter to small-claims court, but I wouldn't bother. Instead, I'd follow General Electric's advice.

The appliance maker says that if you've got stains on your stainless steel, mix up a paste of baking soda and water, rub it in, rinse it off and then apply a little polish. Those stains, according to GE, should be gone.

If that doesn't work, I found a number of other possible remedies online, including vinegar and lemon juice.

Seems to me this isn't a job for Judge Judy. It's a job for Martha Stewart.

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