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Courtney Love memoir coming ... eventually

October 23, 2013|By Carolyn Kellogg
  • Courtney Love, all smiles at the Elton John AIDS Foundation's benefit gala in New York, has a memoir in the work.
Courtney Love, all smiles at the Elton John AIDS Foundation's benefit… (Carlo Allegri / Carlo Allegri/Invision/Associated…)

Courtney Love has a memoir coming out. Probably. From William Morrow in the U.S. and Macmillan in the U.K., if things go as planned. Something she was working on a with a co-writer -- that much is sure.

Love has many identities: As the lead singer of Hole, she has sometimes been a rock star. She was once a promising actress, nominated for a Golden Globe. She's the widow of Nivrana's Kurt Cobain and not-entirely-close mother of Frances Bean Cobain. And now she's going to be an author of a memoir -- soon, anyway.

Rolling Stone reports that Love is slated to publish a the book in early 2014 with William Morrow. That's after a page appeared on Amazon that seemed to indicate the book would be published in December of this year, with cover art that has since been removed.

That page still includes a description of the book: "Beginning in the San Francisco counterculture, maturing within the world of punk and grunge in the '80s and '90s, the book reveals an artist at the epicentre of alternative culture. Nothing is off limits, not her relationships with Billy Corgan and Trent Reznor, nor her engagement to Ed Norton, and for the first time her marriage to Kurt Cobain will be revealed as the tragic romance it really was. While she doesn't shy away from tales of excess, Courtney also goes deeper, offering unique insights into the modern rock culture she helped shape, creating an unforgettable portrait of an outspoken, creatively dangerous, undeniably entertaining artist and woman."

Love's representatives told Spin that the description wasn't the "official" summary -- but it's safe to assume that a memoir from Love might include her stories about her relationships with Reznor, Norton and Cobain, and her thoughts about rock 'n' roll.

Sometimes Love is a mess, as has been widely reported; sometimes she's gutsy or funny or insightful.

She previously published a book that combined diary entries and ephemera. What to expect of her memoir is anyone's guess. She told Rolling Stone in June that she was working with co-writer Anthony Bozza, and had been studying up with other rock memoirs. "I'm writing some of it myself and then I'm co-writing it with Anthony Bozza," she said. "I'm reading "Just Kids" again because I know [Patti Smith] wrote that by herself, and "My Booky Wook" by Russell Brand, which I think is a great book in terms of just his voice. And then I found an old Tallulah Bankhead book where she is very fabulous. So it's a combination of those three books. [Keith Richards'] "Life" was just so bloody long, I didn't even finish it."


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