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Jeremy Lin might have reduced role with Houston Rockets this season

October 23, 2013
  • It appears Jeremy Lin won't be Houston's sole starting point guard.
It appears Jeremy Lin won't be Houston's sole starting point… (Mandy Cheng / AFP/Getty…)

Jeremy Lin may no longer be an NBA starter. At least not all the time.

Or, to use the terminology of Houston Coach Kevin McHale, Lin is now one of "two starting point guards" for the Rockets, along with second-year player Patrick Beverley.

In other words, the guy who brought Lin-sanity to the New York Knicks less than two years ago and signed a three-year, $25-million contract with the Rockets last year won't necessarily be on the floor at the start of every game.

And McHale doesn't see that as a big deal.

"As a player, I always found it irrelevant," said McHale, who also mentioned the possibility of both Lin and Beverley spending time on the floor together. "I came off the bench in a lot of games. What is the big difference in playing 27½ minutes off the bench and playing 26 minutes as a starter? I guess it is a big deal to some people."

Not to nitpick here, but if Lin does play 27 1/2 minutes off the bench, that's nearly five minutes less than he spent on the floor as the full-time starter last year. And 10 minutes more than Beverley, who clearly outshone Lin at the position during the playoffs.

But Lin says he can see the positives in switching back and forth with Beverley.

"We have different strengths," Lin said. "[Beverley] is such a good defender and shooter. I am better with the ball in my hands, attacking. I think that makes us tough to scout, and it gives us the opportunity to give a lot of different looks."

So maybe being a part-time starter isn't that big of a deal for Lin. It may be a far cry from Lin-sanity, but things could be a lot worse. Just ask ol' what's-his-name who sparked Tebowmania right around the same time.


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