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Letters: What happened, President Obama?

October 24, 2013

Re "Health site gets a top repairman," Oct. 23

What stuns me about the troubles with is how they contrast with the Obama team's technological prowess during his election campaigns.

Most of the postmortem analysis after the president's reelection was about how brilliant his team was technologically. Their data-mining operation, their digital mastery, their use of the best and the brightest schooled in the latest scientific techniques in polling made them unbeatable.

Now, the Obama administration cannot create a functional website to support the president's signature legislation. His legacy rests on healthcare reform, and this is how close he paid attention?

I am sure the website will be fixed eventually. The bigger challenge comes when the very premise of this law is tested.

Obama hopes that young people, many of whom have never even contemplated buying health insurance, will now fight through the bureaucracy to do just that in order to subsidize older, sicker people. We'll see how that works out.

Robert Chapman



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