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Letters: Elephant cruelty must be stopped

October 25, 2013

Re "L.A. backs a bullhook ban," Oct. 24

Though I am thrilled that the bullhook will be banned in Los Angeles, the City Council's action still does not address the cruelty that these animals will endure.

Yes, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey will still come to town, just using other "tools" to torment the animals. It is not just about the bullhook; it is about deprivation of social contact, living in cramped train cars for much of the year. The elephants are forced to do stupid tricks even with only the sight of the bullhook. They have been conditioned to fear just seeing it.

Three years to implement a law — really? This has been debated for quite a while.

Banning the bullhook does not interfere with Ringling Bros.' profits. The only way to end the suffering of these animals is not to allow Ringling Bros. into our cities ever.

Ellen R. Ericksen

San Diego

I don't understand this major focus on elephants when many other types of animals are also mistreated.

What about horses? Way more horses than elephants are mistreated every day. A heavy saddle is strapped onto their backs, then a 150-pound or more human climbs on and tugs on reins connected to a metal bit placed in the horse's mouth, commanding the horse to go right or left, fast or slow, often accompanied by the cracking of a whip.

Edwin G. Stauss

Woodland Hills


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