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Letters: Gays in sports? Nothing new.

October 25, 2013
  • Members of the "City of Racine" team huddle at the end of their kickball game at the Hollywood Recreation Center. Their team is part of the "Varsity Gay League."
Members of the "City of Racine" team huddle at the end of their… ( Los Angeles Times )

Re "Gay and playing the field," Column One, Oct. 21

I was somewhat amused by this article's take on the "new" phenomenon of sports in the gay community.

In 1961, I frequented a gay bar in Silver Lake, where the patrons were both gay men and women who became not just bar buddies but friends who socialized outside the bar scene. One night I suggested we go bowling at Hollywood Star Lanes on Santa Monica Boulevard, and from that one outing, we started going regularly and soon formed the Sunset Mixers league. We made a mostly successful effort to keep the teams mixed-gender.

Today I count more than 20 men and women who were "Mixers" as friends today. Among those friends was my then-partner Burt, who joined the league in 1966 and whom I married on Sept. 1of this year after nearly 47 years together.

Sports is just catching on in the gay community? I think not.

Jim Carroll



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