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Letters: Dodgers try to manage a crisis

Their season is over, but the second-guessing is just beginning, from the abrupt playoff ouster to the decision to retain Don Mattingly.

October 25, 2013
  • Manager Don Mattingly will have to be patient in his quest for a multiyear contract from the Dodgers.
Manager Don Mattingly will have to be patient in his quest for a multiyear… (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles…)

The answer to the Dodgers' managerial question is obvious. Sign Don Mattingly to a long-term deal and shore up his only shortcoming by hiring as his bench coach the one man who never has made an in-game decision that didn't work out: Bill Plaschke.

Bart Robertson



I've read with interest as Don Mattingly basically demanded either a multiyear contract or termination. If you had shown anywhere near that much courage with your play calling instead of having the least amount of imagination possible, maybe you'd already have had that new contract. Gee, Don, how in the world did Walter Alston ever handle the job with only 24 one-year contracts?

Eric Monson



Don "I never saw a rally I can't have my team bunt out of" and "Oh, I didn't realize hit-and-run was a baseball term" Mattingly was handed the Dodgers job by his former boss and friend and has never really paid his dues. Tim Wallach has, and the Dodgers' brass better sign him before they lose him just like an earlier regime lost Mike Scioscia.

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles


Since when is it OK for an employee to call a news conference to complain about his job situation? Kick this ex-Yankee to the curb and promote Tim Wallach and let's move on.

Ken Blake



If Dodgers ownership brings Don Mattingly back, they are saying that playoff performance was good enough.

Craig Poletti

San Dimas


Don Mattingly had reason to be uncertain as to whether he'll manage the Dodgers next season. I understand that USC has just released a video in which Pat Haden says that he backs Mattingly 100%.

Doug Thomson

West Los Angeles


If Don Mattingly had Mike Scioscia's managing skills and Scioscia had Mattingly's people skills, we'd see the Angels and Dodgers every year in October. Instead, all we're seeing is red.

Peter Navarro

Laguna Beach


Mattingly managed through McCourt to Magic. He smiled and was steady when the team had a less-than-stellar April and May. And he looked like a genius when the team came together through the end of the year and into the playoffs. He deserves respect and gratitude.

Marcelo Barreiro

Manhattan Beach


Pssst! Dylan Hernandez! Bill Shaikin!

Don't wake those Dodgers up with all those suggestions. Surely you don't want them to win? Then you wouldn't have a story!

Ed Campos

La Verne


Note to Yasiel Puig: When they say, "Advance the runner," they mean when you're at bat.

Paul Feinsinger

Agoura Hills


On behalf of Dodgers fans everywhere I'd like to express my appreciation for a great year of fun and excitement. You did us proud and we're looking forward to next season already.

Mike Mangan

Helendale, Calif.


We may never know the real reason why Hanley Ramirez was hit in the ribs by a pitch in the first inning of Game 1 of the NL Championship Series.

But we most definitely know the real reason why Carlos Beltran bruised his ribs on a play in the outfield and was forced to leave Game 1 of the World Series.


Allan Judkowitz

Porter Ranch


Angels fans should not feel bad about the success of Michael Wacha. Do we really think that the Mensa brain trust that evaluates talent for this team would have drafted him?

Mike Reuben

Anaheim Hills


I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading A.J. Ellis' perspective on the World Series as much as I enjoy the job that he does for the Dodgers. I'm hoping that someone else is doing the job next October, while I'm watching the Dodgers.

Roy Ratcliffe

Newbury Park

Whine on?

Did those USC scholarship limitations get called for holding and procedure penalties against Notre Dame? Did scholarship limitations miss two field goals and cause the Trojans to go for it on fourth and impossible because they had no trust in their kicker? So, please. Enough with the excuses for their play and depth.

Geno Apicella



The debacle in South Bend confirmed the following:

1. Marqise Lee is inexplicably still dropping touchdown passes.

2. The defense still cannot cover anyone.

3. The offensive line still cannot protect the quarterback.

4. USC still needs a legitimate head coach, not a song girl leader.

Mark S. Roth

Los Angeles


For any USC offensive linemen who have not decided on a major, may I suggest "holding?"

Howard P. Cohen

North Hills

Truce banners

Doc Rivers has insisted all Lakers signage be covered up to make Staples "his" building when the Clippers play, which only seems fair since I've been to countless Lakers home games and don't recall ever seeing any Clippers championship banners or retired jersey numbers of all-time greats hanging from the rafters.

Steve Ross

New York


Earth to Doc Rivers: Until the Clippers win an NBA title, they are not entitled to any real estate on the Staples Center walls. The Lakers earned their banners! Rafters are for champions, not for wannabes!

Janet Wagner

Santa Monica


So what's next for the Clippers? Are they going to cover up the statues in front of Staples Center too?

Geoff Skurnik

Laguna Niguel


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