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Letters: And the gun violence goes on

October 26, 2013

Re "Shooting victims recovering," Oct. 24

Ho hum, another school shooting, two more die, two injured, this time in one of the bastions of gun rights, Nevada.

Citizens are becoming desensitized to our country's quotidian gun deaths. Activists will no doubt proclaim that if only the teacher had been "packing," he could have whipped out his sidearm and shot the preteen in an "Old West" duel.

My assemblywoman, Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield), issued a statement responding to Gov. Jerry Brown signing several gun measures recently. Among other things she said: "Law-abiding gun owners in California, like those in Colorado, should not sit quietly while their rights are stripped away and their safety is put at risk."

Included in those measures was AB 231, which subjects parents to criminal penalties for improper firearms storage that endangers a child.

I can only think how a similar law in Nevada might have affected the recent school shooting there.

Gale G. Poppen

Ridgecrest, Calif.


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