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Letters: Feeling blue about flu shots

October 27, 2013

Re "Getting a clue about flu shots," Column, Oct. 25

Similar to David Lazarus, I went to my local CVS last week for a flu shot and was told that it was not covered by my insurance. Because my insurance policy is a new one, I agreed and paid $31.99 for my shot (my husband, on Medicare, got his for free).

After reading Lazarus' column, I called my insurance company, Aetna, and was told that flu shots were absolutely covered at CVS and most other pharmacies under my plan, and that I shouldn't have been charged anything. Aetna asked me to fax over the receipt for a reimbursement. Aetna, not CVS, apologized.

I wonder how many people paid for a flu shot they didn't know was covered by insurance?

Ellen Klein

Los Angeles

Great coverage by Lazarus of something that bothered me as well when I got my flu shot about a month ago at the Minute Clinic inside my local CVS in Marina del Rey.

When they ran my card and said that my insurer, Health Net, wouldn't cover it, I told them that was funny since I sat in the same Minute Clinic the previous year and was told the shot was covered.

I'm thinking of calling Health Net or the CVS Minute Clinic to see if I can get reimbursed — not so much for the amount of $31.99 but for the principle of it all.

Clark Jarrett



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