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Sorry Miley, no twerking at O.C. homecoming dance

October 30, 2013|By Adolfo Flores
  • Miley Cyrus twerks at MTV Video Music Awards.
Miley Cyrus twerks at MTV Video Music Awards. (Associated Press )

With the homecoming dance approaching, add twerking to the list of things that won't be permitted at the Aliso Viejo High School event.

Administrators at the south Orange County campus said the move, in which dancers thrust their hips in a low squat made infamous by Miley Cyrus, wasn't considered appropriate behavior at school dances.

"We just asked [students] to be appropriate and not dance in that style," said Ann Zendner, activities director for the school. "We knew some kids were talking about it."

In anticipation of the homecoming dance, last Saturday school administrators told students not to twerk. Students would not get punished if they did, but would be asked to stop.

"We didn't ban it, all we did was ask them to refrain from doing it," Zendner said.

It was also a safety concern, Zedner said, because it would require additional space on the dance floor.

"It can get pretty crowded and you'd end up bouncing onto other students," she said.

The school also made headlines when it banned "freaking" at school dances in 2006, Zendner said.

The school's guidelines prohibits students from bending over while dancing, Zendner said, so twerking would be in violation of its policy.

The Capistrano Unified School District doesn't set dance guidelines; each school sets its own.

"We do not have a set rule that outlines that behavior," said Marcus Walton, spokesman for the school district. "The district has an expectation that students will act appropriately at any school function."

No student was spotted twerking at the school dance and school officials didn't face any pushback from pupils.

"At the end of the day it was a great school dance and everyone had a good time," Zendner said. "Nobody got in trouble."


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