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Letters: America's espionage hypocrisy

October 30, 2013

Re "Europe seeks a meeting on spying," Oct. 26

The U.S. does not deny having spied on leaders of its closest allies. There seems to be no public uproar at this fiasco that directly damages U.S. interests, nor does there seems to be a presidential intent of dismissing the heads of the agencies responsible for such a breach of trust.

On the contrary, officialdom appears rather smug, projecting the aura that they should have gotten away with it.

Now that the U.S. has been exposed snooping on trusted partners, perhaps the president should grant clemency to Jonathan Pollard, convicted of transmitting to Israel U.S. intelligence. Let the president be as merciful toward Pollard as he is toward his own agents caught spying on allies.

Giora J. Tarnopolsky

Palo Alto


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