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Letters: Social media through the ages

October 30, 2013

Re "Social media's Roman roots," Opinion, Oct. 27

I recently finished reading James Boswell's "London Journey," a fascinating glimpse into 18th century upper-class life in London. I was impressed with the vast number of letters and notes written and received by Boswell.

Evidently this was not a new phenomenon; every Scot (as Boswell was) and English child was expected to write to everyone they knew.

This seems to be characteristic of every human society and not confined to the Internet age. The Internet just provides a faster way to communicate, create new ideas and meet one another than any other social media that has existed. It is regrettable that some countries try to prevent their citizens from partaking of this fine frenzy of creativity.

I even met my husband that way, half a world away.

Rosella A. Alm

West Covina


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